What is Snug as a mug?

Snug as a mug started in 2012 when our CEO, Shana Olhava, sat down at her sewing machine and came up with a cute cover for her very hot, always burning her hands, Americano.  Snug as a mug cozies were sold exclusively at a local coffee shop in her hometown, but unfortunately the duties of mom put the company on hold. In 2018 a late night inspiration fueled the re-launch of Snug as a mug and so with new designs and a new found passion, Snug as a mug hit the ground running in 2019.  

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Have a question not answered here? Please email us at info@snugasamug.com


What prints are available?

The prints are top secret!  Some of the favorites might make a comeback, but you never know! So if you see one you like.....get it before its gone!


Do you do pre-orders?

No, not at this time.

Do you do Custom orders?

No, but maybe in the future, stay tuned!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes!  Please email if you are interested in finding out more! hellosnugasamug@gmail.com

How much are the cozies?

 Cozies prices are as follows:

Jumbo -$15.00





What sizes do the cozies come in?


Jumbo fits: Starbucks ICED Trenta  (32 oz cold cup) and other similar size and shape cups.


Large fits: Starbucks ICED Venti (24 & 22 oz) and other similar size and shape cups.

Small fits: Starbucks ICED Grande (16 & 12 oz) and other similar size and shape cups.

Mini fits: Starbucks ICED Tall (8oz) and other similar size and shape cups.


How much is shipping?
Shipping charges are based on order totals:
$0-$49 =$4 shipping
$50-$69=$5 shipping
$70-$99=$6 shipping
$100+over =FREE SHIPPING
Do you ship internationally?